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Is your control system delivering the value you expected? Are your buildings running at the comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency levels that your organization demands? Are you spending more than you should on operations labor?

Are you surprised that, based on data from the Department of Energy's Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey, buildings with the latest HVAC technologies (VAVs, VSDs, economizers, occupancy sensors, and energy management & control systems) are twice as likely to be in the bottom 25% of energy efficiency performers than in the top 25%? Not what you expected when you made those investments, is it?

There's a reason for your building's performance, and it's the same almost everywhere, regardless of the control system you use. We know what that reason is, and are happy to share it with you—just ask.

IDS offers a program, based on its EnergyWitness™ technology platform and related services, that will address comfort and indoor air quality, energy efficiency and its impact on your organization's carbon footprint and sustainability efforts, and improve operational efficiency. We start by giving you a complete picture of where you are through our Building Operations Scorecard System, and then work with you to create a plan for measured and verified improvement.

It's All About the Data Productivity Leaps Facilities and IT Expertise Greater Value and Return on Investment (ROI)
Imagine your finance department operating without data, relying on estimates. They stopped guessing 20 years ago and started using real data—why hasn't facilities? How information-enabled are you?

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Improve your access to information by 2–3 orders of magnitude and get corresponding productivity gains. We know, big claim, and vendors have fed you a hype diet for years. Difference is, our stuff works. Examples?

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There isn't another company out there that can offer greater blend of facilities and IT expertise. We have a well-defined approach to solving facilities' business problems. You need solutions.

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Simply put, every dollar spent with IDS will provide a higher return than any other option to spend it—retrofits, more staff, control systems, meters, engineering firms. Return $millions to your budget.

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Did we mention that we can prove all of our claims with data?


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